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Codeviant is an intelligent Cloud Solutions company committed to delivering a smooth experience when it comes to providing cloud based solutions to all its clients.

Strategizing for
Cloud's Big 3

Codeviant is an intelligent Cloud Solutions company committed to delivering a smooth experience when it comes to providing cloud-based solutions to all its clients. In order to ensure a wide-range, Codeviant developers have targeted seamless development, management, and scalability across the Cloud’s Big 3: AWS, Azure and GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

We focus on tailoring a full plan that exactly meets your business requirements by providing the appropriate solutions to the appropriate client. We provide cloud based services on a large scale.

Cloud Services

Cloud Consulting

Navigating the intricate realm of cloud technology with Codeviant

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Cloud Native Software Development

We help with the Development of the software designed for the cloud environment.

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Cloud Migration

Migrating to and from a safe platform to take advantage of the cloud ecosystem.

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Cloud Devops

Cloud based Development and Operations at a large scale.

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24/7 Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services available at anytime for smooth operation.

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Cloud Security

Stay safe and secure with Codeviant as this is one of our main priorities.

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SAAS on Cloud

SAAS projects powered with the amazing flexibility of the Cloud

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Digital Workplace

Creating the perfect workplace for our clients on a large scale.

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Remote First Culture

Empowering Flexibility and Diversity

Codeviant's remote-first culture allows employees to work from anywhere, fostering a diverse and global workforce. This flexibility enhances employee satisfaction and work-life balance, leading to higher productivity and creativity.

Leveraging Technology for Collaboration

By utilizing cutting-edge communication and collaboration tools, Codeviant ensures seamless teamwork and project management, regardless of physical location. This approach keeps teams connected and efficient.

Building a Sustainable Work Environment

The remote-first model reduces the need for extensive physical office spaces, contributing to a lower carbon footprint. This aligns with Codeviant's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Cloud First Approach

Prioritizing Cloud Solutions

Codeviant's development strategy prioritizes cloud solutions in designing and deploying applications. This approach ensures scalability, reliability, and agility in all software solutions, catering to dynamic business needs.

Innovative and Agile Development

By adopting a cloud-first approach, Codeviant embraces the latest in cloud technologies, enabling rapid development and deployment cycles. This results in quicker delivery of updates and new features to meet market demands.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Codeviant integrates robust security measures and compliance standards into its cloud-first development process. This proactive stance ensures the protection of data and applications in a cloud-centric environment.

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